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Brijbasi Art Press Ltd has been one of the pioneers in publishing, an old established brand that is today equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and plants around New Delhi, India's capital. It produces over a million books a week and specializes in Children’s books. The company has taken out more than 2000 international editions of its Children’s books selling aggressively by having co-edition partners all over the world. They are the largest children book exporters audited by the Government of India. Bribasi’s books are exported in more than 100 countries like UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, and many more! Hello Friend Books is a content creation studio with over 60 skilled artists, this collection is sold by Brijn-basi around the globe.

Company’s Goal

Brijbasi’s goal is to bring international and new age children books in India so they are accessible to the Indian audience as well. Their products have been tested safe with 100% conformity to European child safety testing parameters. With modern illustrations and interactive learning, Brijbasi’s children's books are just the right stepping stone for your little one. In India, the books are available in every major retail outlet. The company works on the philosophy of providing an International Standard Product at a very reasonable price.

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